Scans of original documents

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In The Politics of the Incarnation written by Lea Terhune; we have already challenged, in our Rebuttal to Lea Tehune, many of the purported facts, in what is a blatant misinterpretation of Karma Kagyu history. Indeed, several words she employs cannot be found in either Tibetan or Sanskrit dictionaries. This kind of story telling is quite clearly designed to mislead people who otherwise have little or no knowledge of Tibetan Buddhist history or language. Additionally, six chapters of personal allegations have been contested in court in the case of Karma Wangchoub versus Wisdom Publications and Lea Terhune. On May 24, 2006, the High Court of New Delhi, India, demanded proof of the above allegations. To date, no proof has been given. Finally the court warned that the judgement would be automatically against the defendants, (Wisdom Publications and Lea Terhune), if no proof was forthcoming. At this time the following two pages were presented: