Open letter from S. Yongda President, DNST to the Governor of Sikkim Raj Bhawan

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Letter to his Excellency the Governor of Sikkim
Raj Bhawan Gangtok, E. Sikkim                   

Date: 13.05.02

Sub: Welcoming the Proposed Inventory of Religious articles at Rumtek Monastery.

Your Excellency,

We, the undersigned on behalf of the Denjong Nang-Ten Sung-Kyob Tsogpa, a duly registered Organization having approximately 3000 (three thousand) members from all over Sikkim from all walks of life, wish to state a few line for your Excellency’s kind information and necessary consideration by your Excellency.

We have in the past through a Press Release welcomed the Order of the Hon’ble Court appointing a Commissioner to make an inventory of all the religious properties located in the Rumtek Monastery presently in occupation of Gyaltsab Rimpoche, which is disputed, for the safety and preservation of the these articles. We had tried to correct the wrong information and misconception perceived by some section of the people and condemned the action of the some people who have been trying to defame the court and making statements that we feel are contemptuous in nature.

Even spite of our efforts, they have still of recent been making statements that they well do everything to stop the inventory in the name of religion. They have been sowing religious sentiments in the minds of the public to stop such a process of inventory taking and threatening of law and order problems in the State.

We have learnt that the Commissioner has served a Notice of Inventory taking at Rumtek Monastery from the 13.5.2002 to 18.5.2002, this being one of the dates fixed in the meeting held on April 4.4.2002 in the presence of the representative/s of all the parties. Now they have resorted to stop the proceeding of the inventory by conducting all sorts of puja just on the dates as fixed by the Commissioner, to which, they never opposed in the said meeting of April 4.4.2002. They have been misusing the religion to serve their interest and have even threatened of serious break down of law and order in the State in the event the commissioner makes an effort to take the inventory.

We are therefore, seeking Your Excellency’s indulgence in the matter to kindly use your good office to persuade the State Government to make all such arrangements that may be necessary for the proper execution of the Order of the Hon’ble District Court of Sikkim and to apprehend all such people making statements that we feel are contemptuous in nature and inciting religious sentiments among the public. Already a lot of unwarranted and unauthorized people have been gathered in the Monastery to oppose the inventory, causing law and order problem thereby disrupting the process of inventory.

Till date the State as much as we know, have not taken any action to prevent the assembling of unauthorized people in the Monastery and also taken any action against those people making statements threatening of law and order problem in the event the court order is executed. Further more, necessary police protection be kindly provided to all the people accompanying the Commissioner representing the parties to the suit to avoid any form of harm to them.

We are therefore, humbly making the above requests to Your Excellency, so that the order of the Court is executed in the best manner, which we are sure is in the best interest of the religion, for protection and preservation of all the religious articles preserved in the Monastery and nothing more and to uphold the idependence of judiciary in the administration of justice.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

President, DNST
(President, All India Buddhist
Co-ordination Committee, Sikkim Chapter)

General Secretary, DNST
(President, Sikkim Tribal Women Welfare Association)

D. Bhutia (Ex-MLA)
Member, DNST

Karma Gompu (Ex-MLA)
Member, DNST