Open letter from H.H. Shamar Rinpoche to Mick Brown

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Mr. Mick Brown
c/o Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. 38, Soho Square London
WID 3HB United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Brown:

Your book refers to our interview at a Delhi hotel. It says that I was drinking coffee again and again while the interview was carrying on. At first I felt puzzled and wondered how this particular description came to be written because the words did not agree with the facts in the slightest.

Since twenty something years ago I have met many people at Buddhist centers and monasteries and you can ask them as witnesses. I am sure they will tell you I never drink coffee, because I have a bad allergy to coffee. I talked about this odd piece of information regarding me with some of my friends, and I discovered from them that coffee was the most common beverage at business meetings. So now it is obvious to me that you use coffee falsely in order to make me look like a businessman.

You told me you were an ‘independent journalist’, and that no doubt gives you the privilege and freedom to do many things that are normally denied to ordinary people. I am sorry to say, but this privilege emboldens you to be biased and tell lies when they suit your purposes, to the extent that perhaps you did not even realize that yourself.

Your book also shows clearly that you are closely linked with Akong Tulku, his brother Lama Yeshe, and Situ Rinpoche. Since I am their enemy, surely then that must be the reason why you paint such a negative picture of me in the eyes of the readers. Therefore, I must ask you to retract your words and inform your readers of the real truths instead.

Yours sincerely,

Shamar Rimpoche